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COVID distraction.

At the time of writing New Zealand is progressively removing restrictions as the threat of community transmission of COVID-19 recedes. This is great news and a testament to the choices made by people in this country.

During lockdown, access to work was severely limited so I, like many others, found myself confined at home. A perfect opportunity to experiment with art and illustration.

For some time I’d wanted to try an abstract painting style called acrylic pouring. The plan was to create paintings that captured a sense of the cold, clear, clean water that forms the perfect foundation for trout habitat in the Taupo region.

Acrylic pour painting test 01
Pure Taupo water 01

The acrylic pouring experiments went well. While artists can be at the mercy of the flowing paint, I found a degree of control can be imposed through colour choice, medium selection, and – perhaps most of all – how the paint is applied and manipulated. I can see future opportunities not just for this painting style but also for how it could be combined with other painting techniques.

Acrylic pour painting test 02
Pure Taupo Water 02

I also produced a series of simple stylised illustrations for the children’s education programme Taupo for Tomorrow. They wanted native aquatic invertebrates and plants so I adopted an almost  identical style to the illustrations I created for the revised signage at Lake Otamangakau. Illustrations start life as pencil and ink drawings on paper. Then they are scanned into a computer, where they are tinted in Adobe Photoshop.

Caddis Illustration 01
Caddis Illustration 01