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My artwork aims to capture the wild beauty and drama of fly fishing for trout. I use a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, water colour pencils, graphite and ink.

I’ve always had an interest in painting, especially wildlife subjects. Artists such as Robert Bateman from USA and the New Zealand born Ray Harris-Ching provided huge early inspiration. More recently the graphically bold paintings of American artists such as Derek DeYoung and AD Maddox have been an influence. Martin Simpson’s beautiful photo-realistic paintings combined with his passion and love for New Zealand’s wild places also left a big impression.

With my  work I hope to convey the beauty and energy of wild trout and capture the varied moods encountered when fly fishing in wilderness areas – ‘Wilderness Trout’

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James Barnett

A Brief Bio.

I studied art and design at the ‘Winchester School of Art’ in England where I was exposed to a flood of creative thinking and had the opportunity to explore many forms of visual creative expression. While drawing and painting were important to me, I needed to earn a living so I opted to follow a more commercial creative pathway. This led to a career that included commercial graphic design, illustration, web and interactive design, marketing and brand management, and broader communications management.  

A move into the academic world saw me teach Visual Communication, culminating in leading degree programmes such as Computer Graphic Design at the University of Waikato, where I drew upon my commercial experience to guide final year students. I was particularly interested in the potential of combining visual and written communication to engage and inform audiences.

Technological advances provided many opportunities to develop ideas around visual communication. I found myself working predominantly on material for screen based output, such as websites and interactive CD Roms. Technology continued to advance at an extraordinary rate and my work became increasingly strategic, using my experience to combine new media with more traditional communications planning and implementation. I worked for a decade as the Communications Manager for a national NGO where I combined the management of diverse communication channels  with a keen interest in sustainability and environmental restoration. 

I recently decided to follow my passion for trout fishing by moving to the Taupo region. My work revolves around communication and community engagement for the lake Taupo fishery management team… which has provided a valuable insight into the issues associated with managing this world famous fishery.

While using technology and communication in a creative way remains rewarding, my artisan instincts continue to lure me back to drawing and painting.


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