Buying Taupo fishing licence from the DOC website

Taupo Licence Online

July marks the beginning of the new Taupo fishing season so I’ve just purchased a licence using the Department of Conservation’s online service. It’s was simple enough to do, but to be honest I rather miss the ritual of stopping off at a local fishing store. It always formed part of the build up to the serious winter fishing and presented an opportunity for a good yarn.

The online service is certainly efficient, but the problem is it’s the only game in town – there are no alternatives. The Department of Conservation no longer supports local licence agents such as tackle stores and this can result in some frustration for both anglers and store owners alike – at least until new habits develop.

Hydro Pool on the Tongariro River
Hydro Pool on the Tongariro River


One big positive is the price. The cost for a licence this season remains unchanged at $90 per year.  DOC has also created other pricing options to cater for those with specific requirements, such as fishing for shorter periods. So when you think of the quality and diversity of fishing on offer in the Taupo region, the licence cost is very reasonable.

Technology has provided us with the facility to get a licence from any computer or smart device at any time of day or night, using just a credit card. Quite useful actually. I’ll simply have to get used to a new digitally enhanced ritual – topping up my trout flies will still give me the perfect excuse to pop into a local tackle store to chat about fishing prospects. Not so bad really.

Get your Taupo region fishing licence from the DOC website: