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Fish and Game NZ recently circulated an email campaign asking “Are You Ready?” This simple question marks the build up to the new 2015/16 season which opens on 1 October, and also encourages people to get in early and buy a licence online.

“To help you get ahead of the fish, we’ve opened up the online licence buying facility so you can get hooked up early with one of the durable plastic licences – and be all set to go on Opening Day, 1 October. Your plastic licence will be mailed within five working days of you completing this order. It may take seven to ten days to arrive by post in your letterbox” says the campaign release.

This year see’s the introduction of a number of new licence options that will offer anglers the chance to fine tune their licence to fit with fishing plans – apparently not everyone shares my need to fish in a variety of locations at the drop of a hat!

Local area, loyal senior, family and non resident options are among the full season licences available, with a number of part season options also on offer. A handy Fish and Game table helps makes sense of it all – click image to see a larger version.

Fish and Game Fishing Licence options for 2015/16
Fish and Game Fishing Licence options for 2015/16

As usual I’ll be opting for the gold plated fish till you drop option – Full Whole Season. Find out which option suits your level of obsession at the Fish And Game NZ website:

On a serious note, it’s very important that all anglers buy the right licence before going fishing. The funds raised through licence fees are used by Fish and Game to protect and nurture our fisheries. With the huge pressure currently on our freshwater resources they need every cent they can get. Find out more about some of the environmental threats here>

So, get in quick to secure your licence. This will give you more time to work out where you’re going to kick-off the new season, determine a ‘plan B’ for when the weather turns to crap, identify what new gear you’re going to need…

James Barnett

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