RISE Film Festival Starts in August

The RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival is due to start screening around New Zealand at the end of the month. Starting in Gore 31 August, the event travels around the country, visiting 12 towns and cities until it draws to a close at Arrowtown 23 September.

The event serves as a showcase for the best filmmakers in the fly fishing industry. After enjoying many of Gin-Clear Media’s films, I can’t wait to see the main feature film this year – ‘Backcountry, South Island.’

According to a media release, “Gin-Clear Media’s ‘Backcountry, South Island’ is the feature film of the festival. This sequel to the highly acclaimed ‘Backcountry North Island,’  explores the stunning fishing opportunities in the New Zealand backcountry. The South Island has vast tracts of some of the most intact, undisturbed natural areas left on our planet. These last truly wild places deliver beauty and isolation in spades but it is the allure of giant trout in crystal clear water that draws anglers from around the globe to this treasured land.”

“In its 10th year, RISE is celebrating a decade of bringing the best fishing entertainment to cinemas around the world. Kiwi audiences can look forward to stunning footage from Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA presented in high definition on the big screen.

Tickets are still available for most venues. If you’d like to see the full schedule check out the RISE website: http://www.gin-clear.com/filmfest/nzschedule/

James Barnett

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